The class of ’22 Plymouth Cruise Ambassadors

Training programmes currently being run: please contact for more details.

Welcome Host Gold participants will:

  • develop proactive communications skills
  • recognise different customer expectations and how to meet them
  • better understand their frontline sales and service role
  • be confident in effectively tackling difficult situations
  • learn why teamwork is vital in a customer-facing environment

Welcome Host Gold covers:

1 Welcoming customers

  • what makes great customer service and who does it well?
  • the challenges of delivering outstanding service in your organisation

2 What do you have to offer?

  • Your offer to customers
  • Product and destination knowledge

3 Understanding your customers

  • Your customers and what their expectations
  • The customer journey
  • Meeting, managing and exceeding expectations
  • Customer loyalty and lifetime value
  • Identifying and beating competitors

4 Delivering service excellence

  • Creating an impression
  • Moments of truth
  • Customers’ emotional needs
  • The internal customer web
  • Building outstanding teamwork
  • Aligning with policies, procedures and standards
  • Being accessible to all

5 Connecting with customers

  • Understanding communications
  • Choosing your words and speaking with impact
  • Building confidence and trust
  • Improving body language
  • Advanced listening skills
  • Great service on the phone
  • Effective writing

6 Boosting business

  • Customer service that sells
  • Encouraging repeat business
  • Understanding the sales process
  • Upselling and cross-selling

7 Dealing with difficult situations

  • Dissatisfied customers
  • Handling a complaint
  • Using feedback to best effect

8 What do you have to offer?

  • Improving your customer service
  • Planning to improve service standards

Green Edge participants will:

  • understand what green tourism really means and how it affects their business
  • identify how to cut energy, water and waste costs by up to 40%
  • learn why being an active part of the community and using locally-produced goods can support a more sustainable, visitor-friendly destination
  • add value to their marketing and promote their business effectively to the 65% ‘green-influenced’ consumers
  • receive practical tips and develop a green tourism policy and clear action plans that make an immediate impact
  • underpinning knowledge for the Green Tourism Awards Certification programme

Green Edge covers:

1 Reasons for being green

  • Sustaining your business
  • Reducing resources and costs
  • Attracting visitors and improving customer satisfaction
  • Benefiting the environment and the community

2 Understanding Green Tourism jargon

  • The terminology and what it means

3 Managing delivery of Green Tourism

  • Identifying the impacts on your business
  • Meeting legal requirements
  • Developing a strategy and action plans
  • Motivating and managing staff
  • Monitoring progress

4 Reducing costs and impacts

  • Top tips to save energy, water and waste
  • Setting targets and developing action plans

5 Working with suppliers

  1. Tips for green procurement
  2. Trade-offs – what matters most to you?
  3. Developing a product inventory

6 Adding a distinctive local feel

  • Your community’s tourism assets
  • Helping visitors to travel better
  • Partnerships to protect local assets

7 Promoting your green credentials

  • Identifying green-aware customers
  • Communicating sustainability messages
  • Accreditation opportunities